Paintball Strand


Forget what you know about paintball

This is paintball!


With a sturdy overall, a protective mask and your own paintball gun, including a filled hopper, you enter one of our challenging arenas.  After the green light bullets are everywhere around you. You  sprint and quickly disappear behind one of the many objects.  Hide behind a real sailing vessel, enormous tractor tires or beneath car wrecks.  Crawl through enormous sewer-pipes or climb a tree hut and defeat, with a perfect view of the field, player after player.

Paintball becomes even more exciting during the Xperiences available at Paintball Strand.  Challenge a SWAT-team or win The Golden Gun.

In addition, Paintball Strand offers relaxation with something to eat or drink in our comfortable bar.  And of course a well-deserved beer after all the excitement.

About the Beach

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Up for a challenge?

If you are, look at our special Xperiences. We offer SWAT-experiences for the die-hards and ladies-nights for the girls who require a little extra protection. During the games you can win special Tickets extra paint and even free tickets.

Tag & WIN!

Did someone take your picture? Find it at our Facebook page. Tag all your friends and WIN a golden ticket!

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